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A Lettering Story

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Number of Pencils in set: 6

All pencils will be in the color selected in the Color Option drop down.  Please see the photos for color references.

The letters on all the pencils will be stamped in Gold foil.

Quotes included in this set of pencils:


The pencils are standard full size length wood case hexagon pencils with #2 lead and latex-free synthetic erasers.  Pencils come pre-sharpened.

The text on the pencils is in ALL CAPS/UPPER CASE and stamped with gold foil. The text is stamped on one side of the pencil only.

Each pencil dimensions may vary slightly.
Final product colors may differ slightly due to individual monitor settings.

Due to the nature of foil, the pencils may have minor imperfections, such as tiny scratches, but we try to limit that as much as possible.

All sales are final.